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Developing Retail Partnerships

Expanding brands in the UK and International Market

Assessment – working directly with the client to review all aspects of the business and plan a strategy that will give the correct growth plan and route to market.

Routes for expansion

This might include franchising, company-owned, department store concession, wholesale or joint venture. The pros and cons of each route to market will be discussed and appraised. Prior to the strategy analysis, a review of the current operation will be undertaken to ensure the business/brand is adequately resourced able to deliver the strategy including shipping, warehousing, legal requirements, PR & marketing. We will build an operation and team to be able to deliver one of the above routes to market.

Strategy Delivery

Execution – having scoped and agreed on the role-out strategy we will help deliver the strategy through introductions to UK and International retailers to deliver the plan. We will carry out any due diligence on perspective partners to confirm they fit with the brand ethos and values as well as having the financial support required.

Real Estate – we have a wide network of agents in the UK and across the world who can support with finding the best possible units/properties for the brand’s growth.

Tailored Services

We tailor our services to support you and your business to grow in the UK and Internationally.