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Building New Franchise Channels

For existing organisation creating a franchise channel has many brand and commercial benefits. It extends brand awareness, facilitates relatively low risk growth in comparison to other methods whilst providing additional revenue.

Franchise is all around…

You don’t have to look far beyond some of the world’s largest and most successful retailers to witness the benefit of the channel. E.g. McDonald’s is a Global brand as a result of Franchising. Costa Coffee likewise and then you have Inditex the owner of Zara who grew its business at record speeds due to franchise.

As a result of all the positives of having a franchise channel many more companies are considering the option. Whether you are a small, medium or even a large recognised business we can tailor our service offering and support you with this move.

Tailored Support

Following a relatively quick assessment of your vision, plan and current franchising capability the beauty of our how we approach our role, and it’s what many have said makes us ‘infinitely different’, is that we work with you, side by side, a lot like how an interim provides specialist expertise to organisations. We are very hands on, real enablers that will be with you for all or part of the journey that initiates and grows a sustainable franchise channel.

Through our in house support service we provided considerable franchise expertise and proven experience. We can develop the foundations of the franchise agreement, the financial model that facilitates returns for all parties, your growth strategy and ultimately help you through our extensive connections at master franchise level to grow at the rate you require.

Sustainable Growth

Every service is bespoke and geared to driving your success with each section carefully documented in a best practice format so when in the future you no longer need our support each part of the journey stays with the business long after we have gone.

As your business starts to move through the various tipping points of requiring additional heads our final tasks can include supporting you with the hiring of individuals that will ultimately replace the role(s) we have played.