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Strategic Development

There is a lot to consider dependent on whether you are a start-up, a brand diversifying into franchise or a large, recognised organisation. Dependent on where you are in your evolution you will be assessing and considering where your business is now, where does it want to be in the future and essentially how you are going to get there.

To support you within this area our services cover things such as;

Current Business Review

An independent review covering a SWOT assessment including a 360 discussion on what’s gone well, not so well, lessons learnt etc. We will also look at the key roles and responsibilities of the current team to understand the current structure. A review of the current P&L to give independent feedback on cost and returns.

Market Mapping

Looking in detail at the market, the competition, it’s size potential and any in-country hurdles you will need to overcome. With access to a third party mapping application showing areas and associated demographics we can support you create your Trade Zone plan.

Decide how big a territory a business should have and how close geographically franchisees can be in relation to one another.

Growth Strategy

Help you decided on which is best in terms of Single Site growth, Multi-Site franchisees, Area Development Agreements/Master Franchising as well as your mix of company owned verses franchised outlets.


 If this hasn’t already been decided we can guide you through what the cost structure should be for the franchisee from fit out and brand fee to royalty and marketing contributions. We will also support in identifying the correct structure required by the franchisor to launch the franchise and how the team will grow with growth.

International Expansion

Giving support and advice on how to launch successfully in foreign markets and all the factors that need to be taken into consideration. This includes trademarks, international legal entity if required, local trade requirements and introductions to trade bodies.

Franchise Agreements

We can advise on key areas within your franchise agreement to make it is the most successful for you and the franchisee. We can introduce you to specialist franchise Lawyers and support making sure you have the correct agreement for your operation.