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This is a critical area for start-ups, brands moving into franchise and also large recognised franchise companies. It’s the point where you place your brand into the hands of the new franchise partner. To ensure you train, develop, measure and control your brand effectively we can support through the provision of a tailored programme of best practices and franchise guidelines listed below:

Development of Training programmes

We can work with your operations team to develop on-boarding programmes and training programmes to make sure you give a franchisee the best chance of success, protect your brand and secure your income.


Key Performance Indicators are a great way of you analysing your business and a franchisee understanding what is important in the business. We can develop these to help you monitor their performance and even break them down in to core, non-core and ‘wildcards’ when you need an extra focus on a specific area.

Balance Score Cards – Linked with KPI’s we can develop the scorecard so you continuously look to improve your business and customer experience.

Growth Ready Criteria

You only want to expand your brand with franchisees who look after it! With your input, we can develop key criteria and levels of performance that you need to see to allow a partner to grow with you, thus protecting your brand and awarding new franchises only to those who are a worthy brand ambassador.

Performance Reviews

We can develop the review process and/or carry it out with your franchisees to give an independent view.

Franchise & Operations Manuals

The key to the successful roll-out of your brand via franchising is to provide your new partners with comprehensive manuals on how to operate your business in their market and maintain your brand integrity. We can give advice and support on what content is required.