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New Partner Sourcing

Finding and selecting the right partners will be key to your success.

The services and best practices below were developed and written whilst working as an in house partner with various companies.

We are proud to say the New Partner Sourcing Guide as it was called has been adopted globally by KFC as best practice:

Recruitment Strategy Development

We can build you a beginning to end recruitment strategy to source, assess and on-board capable partners to your business. This will be tailored to your business needs and the type of franchise operation is in place.

Ideal Profile Development

Using our vast experience coupled with your business knowledge and understanding we can build the ideal profile of a franchisee, so we/you know who or where to target and what to benchmark against.

3rd Party Platforms

Using multiple platforms and internal or 3rd party sources, we can advise on the best and most cost-effective course of action(s) to generate franchisee applications.

Direct Targeting (Headhunting)

We can directly target ‘difficult to fill’ geographical areas to find suitable partners. This service can also be used if the requirements of a particular franchisee partner is required.

Lead Generation

Through our network we can often introduce you to potential franchisees or reach new potential partners. We can also introduce you into new networks to help source partners eg. banks, solicitors , investors

Application Process

We will agree with you in advance the process to be used and provide the following:

  • Applicant Tracking

 Once you have started generating the interest, communication and a swift response are key. We can introduce third parties or develop an in-house system to ensure all applications are responded to appropriately and in a timely fashion – maintaining your brands profile and reputation in the industry.

  • Applicant Processing & Interviewing

Completely bespoke to your business, we carry out all aspects of the assessment process from screening and interviewing to testing and business plan assessment, giving you only the best talent to partner with.

  • Background/CRB checks

Using our preferred supplier we are able to carry out background and criminal checks on people before you sign up to a lengthy agreement with them, preventing any adverse publicity at a future stage and protecting your brand.