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Legal & Compliance

Acting within the law, and in line with local laws, is a prerequisite for both franchisee and franchisor. Some of the following are areas we support and assist in to mitigate the chances of you falling into any legal pitfalls.

Franchise Agreement Drafting

For all new franchise development, your franchise agreement is key.  Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you can pick one up “off the shelf”, or that you can use someone else’s.  No two businesses are the same, and therefore no two franchise agreements should be the same either.  Your franchise agreement should be genuinely tailor-made for your business, drafted on the basis of an in-depth knowledge of how your system operates and what your key objectives are.

Through Roz Goldstein, one of our consultants who previously ran Goldstein Legal before joining PartnerWise, we can create a legally binding, robust agreement that protects your position, whilst keeping a focus on the key issues that matter the most.  The agreement can also be in a form that will be acceptable to the British Franchise Association, if you are seeking bfa membership either now or in the future.

Often you will be discussing sensitive information with a potential investor, and they will be sharing sensitive information with you. To help both parties, we can also arrange for Non-Disclosure Agreements / Confidentiality Agreements to be implemented to protect all parties.

CRB & Background Checking

Using our preferred supplier we can carry out background and criminal checks on people before you sign up to a lengthy agreement with them, preventing any adverse publicity at a future stage and protecting your brand.


If you are transferring corporate outlets to franchise, we can assist during the TUPE Transfer of employees between businesses.

Local Laws

We will happily research laws in a country to find out any costs, hurdles or processes you may need to follow to operate a business in that country/countries.