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Finance and Investors

Effective finance management is going to be at the centre of everything a franchisee and franchisor does. Generating income and profit is directly linked with unit growth and franchisee attraction. Just some of the areas we can support are:

Banks and Investors

We have relationships with, and can make introductions to, numerous banks. This can be for you, the franchisor, as you look to grow and develop but also for the franchisee and establishing lending terms for your partners.

Also, we are strongly connected with many business angels and private equity investors who invest in various sizes and types of franchise organisations.

Cost Structure Direction

Using our knowledge from multiple franchise agreements, we can help direct you on the best financial terms and fee structures to have in your franchise agreement which is both profitable for you and fair on the franchisee.

Financial Modelling

You always need to be careful what data is shared with a potential franchisee but using your historical data and our knowledge we can work with your accounts team to develop financial modelling so a franchisee can understand what the outputs look like, when they may make profit and even cash-flow analysis.

Not only can we help the franchisee with financial modelling but we can also look at the franchise program to determine when you, the franchisor, will hit expected levels of profit. This will help the pace and sequence of people and structures that you adopt.

Legislative Requirements

We can find out what the local laws are for things like VAT, Corporations Tax, PAYE, Employee Tax and National Insurance or their equivalents to make sure you are fully aware of any financial commitments.

If going cross-border we can understand what duties are applicable for you and the franchisee.

If working in multiple currencies, exchange fluctuations can impact you and the franchisee massively. We can highlight these areas and ensure you and the franchisee are fully equipped with the knowledge to maximise profit and/or minimise loss. We can also introduce you to currency exchange organisations who can support with international transactions and provide preferable exchange rates.