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The Journey to Franchising your Business

Timing, Relationships and a Strong Support Network All Play a Part.

We often celebrate the launch of a new Franchise opportunity with Press Releases a plenty, advertising campaigns, followed by applicants to follow up with. It’s an exciting time for a business wanting to grow through franchising.

To the applicants, this is the start of their journey, but for the franchising business, their journey started some time ago.

At PartnerWise Franchise, we believe that the journey to choose franchising is as crucial as the destination itself. Our recent collaboration with URBAN Fresh Burgers and Fries exemplifies this philosophy, showcasing how relationships and a strong support network can shape business futures.

Meet Mehmet and Zerin, an entrepreneurial duo ready to venture into the franchising world. They started their business in 2017 and have since been met with economic challenges, the global pandemic and more. However, this well-established business went through hard graft and determination to now be able to launch their franchise.

So how did they get to this point? The journey to get to where they are now is pivotal and highlights the importance of not only building a successful proven business model but creating strong relationships along the way.

During one of their regular reviews with HSBC UK Relationship Manager, Lee Manterfield, the ambitious Yorkshire-based business, poised for national expansion first explored the idea of franchising.

The idea took root as Mehmet and Zerin were introduced to HSBC’s Franchise Director, Marc Talbot, who guided them through the intricacies of franchising, outlining the business and operational requirements that would ensure their model would set them up for success, and the support that HSBC could provide along the way.

They were also introduced to the British Franchise Association to get more information and widen their resources.

James Sedgewick of the British Franchise Association (BFA) reached out to Mehmet and Zerin to signpost towards the resources available through the BFA, and to share the advantages of membership and access to their extensive support network.

Commenting on URBAN’s first steps towards franchising, James said “ We are delighted to welcome URBAN as a new member of the BFA. Having URBAN Fresh Burgers and Fries join us an Emerging Member is the first step on their exciting journey and we look forward to supporting Mehmet and Zerin achieve their ambitions and become Established Members.”

The final step was to engage the services of a trusted franchise advisor and PartnerWise Franchise were one of three consultants that were recommended.

From the first meeting with PartnerWise, Mehmet and Zerin demonstrated a clear focus and determination to craft a compelling franchise proposition. Combined with the couple’s integrity, unparalleled people-focus and commitment to upholding high standards across all areas of their operations, they have developed an enviable franchise proposition that has positioned them for national success.

“It’s been an absolute privilege and honour to partner with Mehmet and Zerin developing the URBAN Fresh Burgers and Fries franchise. Their commitment to quality and community-focused approach compliments the values of PartnerWise Franchise. The challenges they have faced since first opening their first URBAN in 2017 shows their resilience, adaptability and determination to launch a tried and tested proven model. This approach will serve them well in their franchising journey.” said Malcolm Heslop, Partner at PartnerWise Franchise.

On the journey to becoming a Franchised business, Mehmet says “It’s something we aspired to from the beginning, but we knew we would only take that step once we had our three pillars – people, product, and procedures – ready and in place.”

URBAN has built a cult following in Yorkshire since opening in 2017, with foot traffic increasing year and year and consistently gaining positive reviews across a multitude of online review platforms. Their success isn’t accidental. “We’ve spent seven years perfecting our concept and operations, constantly learning and adapting as we’ve gone on.” Mehmet continued. “With the pandemic and subsequent economic and supply chain conditions, it’s certainly been a journey so far, but the great feedback we hear from customers makes it all worth it. We’re looking forward to bringing the URBAN franchise opportunity to the market and partnering with franchisees who are equally as passionate about the brand we’ve built.”

Mehmet and Zerin believe that shared values between franchisee and franchisor are the foundations of a strong partnership and are essential for success. The couple are serious about partnering with the right people, who share their belief that if people are taken care of, great food and customer service follows.

There are many great businesses, not all of which end up franchising, some because they choose not to and some because they simply don’t know it’s an option.

Mehmet and Zerin’s journey has been about building on existing relationships with their financial partners like HSBC and developing new ones with the BFA and PartnerWise Franchise, finding trusted advisors to support them on their journey.

At PartnerWise Franchise, we are more than consultants; we are partners committed to nurturing the bonds that ensure mutual success and we encourage the businesses that we work with to build the same bonds with their support network

 As we continue to support the growth of URBAN Fresh Burgers and Fries through strategic guidance and relationship building, we invite more aspiring entrepreneurs to explore how our relationship-driven approach can help turn their business dreams into reality.