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Insights from the BFA Annual Conference 2023

The British Franchise Association’s Annual Conference 2023, themed “Run Your Own Race – Train to Win”, was a beacon of inspiration and learning for the franchising community. As representatives of PartnerWise Franchise, we were thrilled to join nearly 400 industry peers in Birmingham for this pivotal event.

Keynote Insights – Embracing Change and Slowing Down

One of the highlights from was Kate Silverton, the former BBC newsreader, who shared her perspective on the need for adaptability in our careers and strategies. Her advice to “recognise when it’s time to change lanes” resonates deeply within the dynamic franchising industry. Equally impactful was her reminder to slow down and absorb the vital details that often get overlooked in the race to success.

Franchisee Satisfaction – A Benchmark for Success

The WorkBuzz Franchise Programme’s survey revealed a striking insight: Franchisee satisfaction at 78%, the highest in four years. This benchmark underlines the importance of trust in franchisor leadership, a clear vision, and fairness – principles that PartnerWise Franchise staunchly upholds. These factors not only drive franchisee engagement but also form the cornerstone of sustainable business relationships.

The Power of Networking and Celebration

The conference was not just about learning but also about connecting. The opportunities to network, share stories, and learn from successful franchisors and franchisees were invaluable. These interactions reinforce the community spirit that is pivotal in franchising. The evening’s celebration of successes served as a testament to the resilience and triumphs within our industry.

For those contemplating a journey into franchising, this event highlighted the opportunities and support available. At PartnerWise Franchise, we’re committed to guiding and supporting aspiring entrepreneurs on this exciting journey. Please Get In Touch if you have any questions and it could be you attending the event next year.

The BFA Annual Conference 2023 was not just an event; it was a milestone in the franchising industry’s ongoing evolution. We look forward to continuing to play a significant role in this vibrant community and to the prospects and challenges that lie ahead.