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Insight from the British Franchise Association (BFA) Recruitment and Retention Seminar

On 23rd January 2024, one of our Partners – Malcolm Heslop QFP attended the (BFA) Recruitment and Retention Seminar – we have collated a summary of the event, including some key takeaways.

British Franchise Association

This is one of a many seminars and events that the BFA run throughout the year to support the franchise community and provide continued professional development for those that have the Qualified Franchise Professional accreditation.

This is what the BFA had to say about the event:

“An exclusive event designed to empower BFA members with the knowledge and strategies to excel in the dynamic world of franchise recruitment, retention, and development.

This groundbreaking seminar will bring together industry experts to delve into the critical aspects of recruitment and retention, providing you with actionable insights to attract top-tier franchisees, foster long-lasting partnerships, and achieve sustainable growth.”

Key Takeaways

  • Franchisors have to be very clear about the profiles of the franchisees they are looking to attract, ensuring they have a clear target audience persona.
  • Create recruitment content tailored to each persona profile.
  • Have a recruitment process that enable applicants to move forward at their own pace.
  • Franchisors should be comfortable saying ‘no’ to people who are not right for the business.
  • Retaining great franchisees requires great communication between the franchisor and franchisee. This can include, annual business reviews and regular check ins. Find the style that works for you and the franchisee, that keeps them engaged and motivated.
  • Have the difficult conversations when needed.

Overall a great day with informative and thought provoking speakers, plenty of learnings from the round table discussions and the opportunity to network.

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